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Renewed Re-entry

Updated: Jan 1, 2021

Good Lxrd, check the tape.

The last time you heard from us was back in February for our first ever LOVEraiser on Valentine’s Day 2020. For many reasons, we've spent the last 9 months unplugging, listening, learning, reassessing, and taking a step back. That process has included improving internal systems (aka, loving each other even more), with the incomparable Kelsey Ley Consulting.

We thought we'd start by saying how much we miss you. As we work to integrate our values fully, at all times, in all ways, we are reminded how important it is to stay connected with the people we care about. So we’re starting a small practice (of what, we’re still figuring out) with an intimate group that we are affectionately calling Nonclass.

That reassessing we spoke of? Yeah - let’s continue to remove assumptions around hierarchy, class constructs, and how to boldly art-make. To make a more democratic, healthy and intentional space. To reflect the democracy we want to see in our communities, cities, and this country. To reassess how we view ourselves, our spaces, and the impact of our voices.

Did we mention we miss you?

It’s time to show up and reconnect. With everything that 2020 was not, let’s bring back the rich community and art-making that the work we do together provides us in 2021.

This is us re-entering the world as The Lovelies, humans, art-makers, and lovers that we are.


Touch base with us. Let us know how you’re coping with this reality. We’re here and we want to connect with you, too.

We look forward to leaning into the unknown in every which way in 2021.

The Lovelies™

PS: if your work, heart, blood, sweat, isn’t trademarked. DO THAT. LIKE, RN.

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