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Who We Are

The Lovelies are Joanna Futral, Katie Vason & Lena Lauer, a 4th-generation compositional improvisation company celebrating 10 years of making spontaneously. Compositional Improvisation had its beginnings with Judith Dunn, dancer, and Bill Dixon, trumpet player, in the 1960’s. The work takes the form of ensemble collaboration, with live musicians, to create theatrical dance pieces in the moment - no structure or content is pre-determined except sometimes duration.  


The Lovelies work to heighten awareness to recognize form as it emerges and make a piece. No dances are ever recreated, as the nature of the form allows for constant reinvestigation and discovery.


The Lovelies perform & produce dynamic works of varying lengths, locales & scopes, engage the community through powerful education offerings, connect the work to relevant worldwide issues, to the mainstream, to high art, & to the world at large, and are invested in a commitment to proliferating the legacy on a broader platform. The Lovelies believe this work is for everyone to witness, and also practice.


...the dancers' sensitivity to one another is tangible..."


Big Ups to those that Love to Love The Lovelies

The Architects

Mallory Baxley

Alex Bernhardt Jr

Anne Bernhardt

Anthony Collins Photography

Stacy Cook

Thomas Dickert

Kathryn Dropkin

Kayla Hamilton

Amanda Hamp

Allison Hood

Frank Finsthwait

The Fleet

Jude & Joseph Futral

Joffrey Ballet School

Greg Katz

John S. & James L. Knight Foundation

Bonnie Koester-Morgan

Gail & Paul Kreher

Eric Lane

Bob & Vicky Lane

Diane Lauer

Ellyn Levy

Mark Morris Dance Center

Jose Melgar

Rachel Mckinstry

Michael Sazonov

Dr. Jamie Sinton

Sixpoint Brewery

Jill Stephens

Julie Stephens

Amanda Thompson

Triskelion Arts

Lee Vason

Wayne Vason

David Weaver


Village Wine Cellar, Inc.

Jim & Dawn Wingate

Janet Wolf

Ellen Zerkin

Photos on this site by:

   Kate Shot Me

   Hannah Long &


The Lovelies is a sponsored project of Fractured Atlas, a non-profit arts service organization.Contributions for the charitable purposes of The Lovelies must be made payable to Fractured Atlas only and are tax-deductible to the extent permitted by law. Your tax deductible donation will help us reach our artistic and socially-minded goals. The Lovelies thank you!


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