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2022 <3 for YOU

Pre-Covid, and Pre-BLM movement, you saw us everywhere.

The 13 months pre-lockdown saw TL dancing 30+ performances, teaching 45+ classes and producing new Improvisation-centered events. Last time we may’ve shared actual, physical space was Feb 14, 2020, our first fundraiser. Needless to say, The Lovelies were hustling, and the work was spirited and, well, LOVELY.

Then multiple pandemics became the unifying fuckery this hot-ass planet was experiencing. Like, the worst ensemble ever.

Fuck the numbers, fuck the successes and losses and totalling them up. The World has just been fucked in a whole new way.


We spent the majority of these multi-pandemic years sitting down, shutting up, standing aside, reading up and listening in ways we hadn’t before prioritized.

Meaning, the traditional work of an ambitious dance company based in NYC (touring, producing, posting, selling, DANCING, loving, laughing, crying) pivoted to a quiet-but-busy and edifying time, in order to emerge changed and more intentional and more inclusive and welcoming. If what we preach is listening and being aware, we tripled down on what that means when the world is in an absolute shit-storm.

After lots of reading, chatting, virtual hangs and tears of utter despair and joy in the small things, we slowly came back to the work. In new ways, newly changed.

There’s so much to catch up on, but what feels most genuine to share… We invented NONCLASS via Zoom, to create the space for our Family to come together. Aptly named such to attempt to erase the tropes & expectations of a typical dance class, our community showed up each time to talk, catch up, share concerns about the world, tackle questions around artistic approaches, and sometimes move and make in the traditional sense…we were creating our own form of engaged pedagogy.

We also closely examined how we share the form via a traditional dance class, and deeply questioned everything about our teaching and performing practices…and came out with a revitalized teaching approach. We have been invited to perform a couple of times, but we haven’t been on the stage since February 2020.

While initially challenging, it’s been utterly rewarding (life-saving, really) to return to a weekly studio rehearsal practice. We’ll say it - the work we are making is consistent, heart-forward and meaningful, and the best we have ever made together. Community is at the heart of what we want to make, not just dances, and we spent these years re-centering this in an authentic way.


We’re sorry we haven’t thrown you a Mailchimp. We’re sorry we have zero presence on Insta rn.

And also, we’re really not.

While we can’t wait to fill your inbox and your feed with all of our Love, we want to do it when there is something to really SAY, SHARE, GIVE, when what The Lovelies is up to, is as new, rejuvenated and holistic as our current practices.

See you soon. We miss you. We love you. Let’s find a time to dance or talk or NONCLASS, or…there’s always infinite possibilities, you know that, so let’s find each other out there in the Field, eh?


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