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We're experiencing growing pains.

We've reached a turning point.

How else can you tactfully, succinctly, L E G A L L Y describe what's going on right now with The Lovelies?

As Lisa Gonzalez puts it so poetically: ...the unexpected emotional ride that accompanies arriving to the moment again and again and again and now and now and now...

I have to remind myself that this moment, all moments, are happening and ending; all dances come to an end; everything has a lifespan. From a meditation cohort: "There is something freeing in knowing that change is always happening and from moment to moment we are to be as present as possible."

The reason there's finality to everything is because there is infinite new ideas to explore & create. The more we cling to the thing that's not it anymore, the more we miss the aliveness around us. To quote JK: "Don't miss it".

I couldn't live my life clinging to the thing that's not it anymore.

Live overflowing with an abundance of love, passion, creativity & significance, and then these symbols themselves will chase you.

I read this statement for the first time today - and how coincidentally perfect it is.

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