U P c o m i n g :

I N   P E R F O R M A N C E

Never Before, Never Again - THE LINEUP!


: : WEEK 1 : : 


The Lovelies with the Dance for PD Community

Zoe Rabinowitz + Galen Bremer

J. Bouey

Nattie + Hollis

Donnell Williams + Suzy Grant

FRIDAY, JAN 10 @ 8

Rachel Mckinstry + Andy Dickerson

Jenn Nugent


Jenn Nugent

The Lovelies with Kirin McElwain

The Architects with Kirin McElwain

Hosted by Donnell Williams


Workshop: The Underscore with Nicole Touzien @ 1:45 - 4pm


: : WEEK 2 : :  


Nicole Wolcott

Wendell Gray

Terrence Diable + Harold Butler

Donnell Oakley, Sarah Chien, Mei Yamenaka + Hannah Wendell

Ani Javian

Hosted by Katy Berry

FRIDAY, JAN 17 @ 8

Troy Ogilvie

Donnell Oakley, Sarah Chien, Mei Yamenaka + Hannah Wendell


Troy Ogilvie



Workshop: slowdanger @ 12pm

Workshop: The Lovelies @ 2pm


: : WEEK 3 : :


Dale + Ashley

Zoe Rabinowitz + Galen Bremer

Ladies of Hip Hop

Lauren Cox

Betsy Miller

FRIDAY, JAN 24 @ 8

Jesse Zaritt

The Lovelies with Kirin McElwain

With special guest Pam Pietro


Jesse Zaritt

Rachel Mckinstry + Andy Dickerson

Closing Party @ Triskelion

**Tickets will be available soon via Triskelion**

Fundraiser - Mark your Calendars!

Feb 14 - info TBA

C L A S S - Wednesdays @ 7

Improvisation @ Mark Morris Dance Center

Nov 20 with Lena + Natie - Intro

Nov 27 - no class

Dec 4 with Katie + Ryan - Intro

Dec 11 with Lena + Ryan - Advanced

Dec 18 with Joanna + Ryan - Intro

Dec 25 - no class

who we are :

"...not scared of time & humor" 

-audience member  

"...this class is the most important aspect of my life here in Brooklyn." 


The Lovelies are a compositional improvisation dance company. We show up and pay attention.  What we do in the studios we take to the streets and beyond.  We laugh, we laugh so hard we cry, and we do it in the moment. We practice telling the truth in the midst of the awkward, the dramatic, the comical and the gems it all reveals. 

The Lovelies have been exploring the possibilities of compositional improvisation since 2013. We have had the honor of being presented at Judson Church, Triskelion Arts, The Tank, Brooklyn Arts Exchange, Shapeshifter Lab, in breweries, salons, parks, hotels and many other theatres and site-specific locations.

The Lovelies teach compositional improvisation at Mark Morris Dance Center and the Joffrey Ballet School and present a space residency and split bill series called The Lovelies Present: Slice & Dice. 

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October 16, 2019

Assumptions. What a loaded word. To Assume- The act of taking for granted, or supposing a thing without proof - can create a non existent reality. Think about how many stories we create at any given time. The assumptions we bring into a room about ourselves, about each other, about the work.
Assuming something takes us out of the present moment and limits curiosity and possibility. 
I've let my own stories and assumptions run rampan...

September 1, 2019

Talk backs are different every where you go. In other places that aren't NYC, the questions just scratch the surface of the art and don't really challenge the choreographer to get better. People say things like: "How long have you been dancing? How many hours a week do you rehearse? I just LOVED it." But in New York City, people choreograph the dance for the choreographer with out asking! They say things about how meta the dance is and how you inf...

August 1, 2019

 I thought I was finished writing after the last post. Well I'm back! And I'm literally on my back, back spasms and all. The body doesn't lie. Every year for the past three years, I've had a back spasm that takes me out for at least a few days, if not weeks around the same time in July/August so as to say LISTEN UP. It could be a combination of things- the extreme heat vs over air conditioned spaces, not warming up properly or my way of saying sum...

July 31, 2019

Fresh off the heels of PICI (The Peoples Intensive in Compositional Improvisation) during this MICI gap year and what a whirlwind it was. I'm still trying to process, decipher and remember all that happened. There is a lot I could write about. But really two things come to mind:

-Choosing is caring 

-Patience vs waiting

Katherine Ferrier's eloquent words through Skype started us off , creating a space from where the rest of the day could unfold. She...

June 29, 2019

The Lovelies had a wonderful opportunity to venture beyond the NYC borders to Atlanta and Philly this month. While in Atlanta, we hosted our first event to help connect The Lovelies in a different state and explained the work we practice. What an experience, to perform the work of Compositional Improvisation in front of a new audience... and sometimes stressful. To go back to your home town and show what you've been up to. To explain the work to p...

May 18, 2019


Active. Aliveness.

Actively actioning.

In times of dread

Artists must never choose to remain silent

This is precisely the time

When artists go to work

There is no time for despair,

No place for self-pity,

No need for silence, no room for fear

-Toni Morrison, The Pieces I Am

As everyday seems to begin with even more disparaging news, I shame-spiral into the ways I am inadequate, under-informed, lacking expertise to make a change.

Then a good friend and...

April 12, 2019

“A future that is so universal should be anything but controversial. There is no rehearsal, the time is now now now.”- Amanda Gorman

Calling on the individual. On the ensemble.

Do I believe we can build a cross-issue, multi-faith, multiracial movement to achieve true environmental justice?

I most certainly do.

It's already happening. But It will require us to all show up in a multitude of ways.  To wake up to the urgency of now. This moment. Tuning in...

April 4, 2019


There is so much I want to say. So much I want to do. So much I NEED to do. That WE NEED to do. So many humans I want to wake up. Movements I want to build. Species I want to salvage.  Seasons I want to cherish. Ecosystems I want to hold on to.  Reparations I want to make. Relationships I want to save. Relationships I need to end.  Commitments I need to rethink and boundaries I need to create. Expectations that I ......

March 16, 2019

There’s a life-saving and also terrifying aspect of improvisation that I return to – especially when I feel lost in the dance, my choices, my relationships.

Start again.

Whether it’s to re-invest in what’s already there, or rip the sheet from the notebook and stare into an empty page:

Start again.

It’s a ubiquitous mantra – for all aspects of my life (the dances, the choices, the relationships) – and thank The People, I have it when I need it, for tho...

February 3, 2019

What do I write in this freaking blog?!?!

My thoughts... My thoughts are chaos right now. They are made up of ridiculous ideas around myself consumed by my incapabilities. Then the next second how I'm so great and I make good choices. Then another millisecond later I'm trying to notice nuances and realizing that obviously there are different stories I can tell myself about the same outcome. 

How does this relate to the work? Just notice the sto...

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