The Lovelies are a 4th-generation compositional improvisation company, which had its beginnings with Judith Dunn, dancer, and Bill Dixon, (predominantly) trumpet player, in the 1960s.

The Lovelies was co-founded in October 2013, with current members Joanna Futral, Katie Vason & Lena Lauer.

The work is inherently ensemblic in nature, with live musicians, to create dances in the moment - no structure or otherwise previously agreed-upon content is determined in advance except usually the duration of the work. 

Compositional improvisation works to heighten awareness and use all aspects of space & time to recognize form as it emerges and make a piece. No dances are ever recreated twice, as the nature of the form allows for constant reinvestigation and discovery.


"...Observing these emergent patterns in natural living systems, in my work in dance and music improvisation, and even in organizational systems like public schools and social agencies, I’ve come to ask whether there are deep universal structuring principles that cross the disciplines of art, science, and human culture.

In linking the creative work of art-making to the emergent processes evident in nature, I have found a basis for a rich and textured inquiry into how systems come together, transform, and reassemble to create powerful means of communication and exchange..."

-Susan Sgorbati,    Second Generation Improviser