It's Time for Words by Keeley

The Lovelies continue to save my life one moment, one breath, one day at a time, again and again.

I am pleasantly stunned by the amazing and forever humble women who gather to listen, respond and listen yet again, to the minutia of the body and the world to create something new and real, week after week.

When I asked the other four to come along on this journey with me into the utter unknown, the overwhelming response was something like, “ Yeah, of course! I just want to be around all of you. Whatever happens will be good.”

What more could a human hope for.

It’s been good.

To put it lightly.

The amount of commitment, soul searching, and sticking to the awkward until it sticks, has put us on the map. After performing 11 times in 8 months and working with actors, stand up comedians, jazz musicians, writers, singers and spoofing YouTube, we are still proudly announcing we have no idea what will happen the next time we work together.

We all have our schticks.

Oh God are they big and beautiful.

And usually completely unidentified by the person owning them, but totally out and proud to the rest of us. In fact, we even practice schtick busting, which is like trying to tell someone to change how they walk or change how they talk.

It’s really fu@k1ng hard!

But the hyper awareness to the moment is to only help present more opportunities and possibilities that one might not ever imagine before. This is really the crux of what we do and say so we can create work that is raw, messy and wildly beautiful.

Our biggest influence are The Architects. These four women who are alums from Middlebury College, have been improvising for over 25 years practicing the fine skill of paying attention.

It’s really fu@k1ng hard.

But oh so worth it.

Every year they hold a week long workshop, MICI, where they facilitate improvisation with different tools, scores, games and inspirations to pull the very Truth out of you.

It works in mysterious ways.

And keeps working on you.

To see us working in the moment next, come to Govenor’s Island this weekend, June 7 & 8 from 10-7 for Figment Festival.

Next Up will be Socrates Sculpture ParkSaturday, June 21, 7pm with Audra Wolowiec for Norte Maar Sound Event.

And stay tuned for our upcoming jam/performance in the works.

Visit us here!gallery/ces6