Travel Time Travel

The Lovelies had a wonderful opportunity to venture beyond the NYC borders to Atlanta and Philly this month. While in Atlanta, we hosted our first event to help connect The Lovelies in a different state and explained the work we practice. What an experience, to perform the work of Compositional Improvisation in front of a new audience... and sometimes stressful. To go back to your home town and show what you've been up to. To explain the work to people who have never seen us perform. To feel the anxiety that might come up because of that. To feel the anxiety created by resisting anxiety. Sometimes it felt like the weekend was 10 days long and sometimes it flew by. It was a new way we traveled though time together.

Often in our dances the only premeditated structure is time. We practice experiencing time together and feeling out what dancing/existing for 5 min, 10 min, 30 min, or 45min feels like together. There are times the dance actually ends at the predetermined time and other times that dances goes on longer or shorter than we planned. Sometimes a satisfying moment of tension is found just as the end is found. Sometimes not. Sometimes performance anxiety rules and we've never found a moment to really drop in to the moment. It's all a part of the work. It's all a part of noticing. How do we view time? What parts are useful? What helps? How can we use the tools we've found practicing Compositional Improvisation to help us notice, witness, and fully experience our lives?

We often talk about how the values of Compositional Improvisation exist outside of the studio. I can't think of a better way but to start by noticing how we travel, how we travel in time, how we time travel.