Investing in Starting Again

There’s a life-saving and also terrifying aspect of improvisation that I return to – especially when I feel lost in the dance, my choices, my relationships.

Start again.

Whether it’s to re-invest in what’s already there, or rip the sheet from the notebook and stare into an empty page:

Start again.

It’s a ubiquitous mantra – for all aspects of my life (the dances, the choices, the relationships) – and thank The People, I have it when I need it, for those dances, those choices, and those relationships.

I recently had not one but three People I admire immensely congratulate me on sticking with the awkward.

For simply having the uncomfortable conversations.

And continuing to - because sometimes uncomfortable conversations lead to more uncomfortable conversations.

And licking wounds, mending hearts and minds, and then STARTING AGAIN.

I’m currently in a place where I’m feeling really fortunate to start again. The expanse of the blank page is feeling so much richer than the re-investment.

Re-investing, in this company, has been a large part of the formula for years.

We made the decision - and we’re moving forward with the blank page instead.

We’re filling it in ways that weren’t possible in the past. We’re changing the landscape of the page, the texture and breadth of the page. And consuming it with a new viewpoint, new approach to artistry and a new culture surrounding the concept of how arts can envelope business.

This attunement hasn’t been without grenades. Without loss and ache. Each spiral now unbound leaves behind a pile of wispy, hard-to-grasp bits of ephemera. The cuts and crimps of a weathered coil binding finding new places to live and thrive.

Thank The People we can start again. I thank The Lovelies for the platform to keep starting again.