Notice the stories

What do I write in this freaking blog?!?!

My thoughts... My thoughts are chaos right now. They are made up of ridiculous ideas around myself consumed by my incapabilities. Then the next second how I'm so great and I make good choices. Then another millisecond later I'm trying to notice nuances and realizing that obviously there are different stories I can tell myself about the same outcome.

How does this relate to the work? Just notice the stories you tell yourself. My challenge is to notice that there is a story. That facts are dependent on which ones you pay attention to and which ones you prioritize to value. We are weaving our realities as we speak. We are practicing how we perceive our lives. That the weight caused by duration, value, or meaning making can be freeing by the way we choose to perceive it.

We have choices.

yikes, that's all I got for now.

Picture: Woven paper star made by Joanna