Cause and Effect

Let's talk feedback loops. YES LET's!!

In order for an ecosystem to survive, a healthy feedback loop is essential. The voter feedback loop is the bedrock of democracy. Feedback loops regulate a system. And when feedback is not taken into account, when feedback is continually ignored, the system starts to fray.

Zoom out for a moment and we see this happening in many areas: The #MeToo movement. Voter Suppression. Systemic racism. CLIMATE CHANGE. Take one look at our environment and you see a feedback loop in crisis. Basically, we've stopped listening to any feedback. Business as usual isn't working anymore and the system is breaking down.

Let's zoom back in.

What exactly does this have to do with The Lovelies and this work? Everything.

Five women in charge. How do we take in feedback we receive from each other around how we operate? Are we able to give honest feedback? I can only speak for myself and while I like to think I hear people, my automatic response is defense. I become defensive and self righteous. Or avoid it all together. In the moment it feels easier to ignore, paste over, hear what I want but the glitch in the system won't just disappear. It only adds to the problem and zaps me of all power and responsibility and joy.

Both in and out of the studio, we each have a responsibility to show up, pay attention, tell the truth, and not attach ourselves to the outcome. We also have agency to listen to and act on feedback we receive, a crucial part in keeping the ecosystem/organization/world alive. Otherwise we fray.

Are we committed to a vision that moves us forward?

Are we committed to growing?

Are are we really listening?