#4 of the 4-fold way

The multi-faceted, yet highly-simplistic, 4-fold way.

As much research as I do, sometimes analysis and logic must reveal themselves when they will, not necessarily when I want them to.

Having JK in town is wild. She’s wild. Her style of teaching, performing, choreographing, loving, all seems to come from this place of abandon.

Free fall. Hurl and thrust. Passion.

Yet there’s years of chops, experience, experimentation, fact, analysis and logic that are heavily embedded in her knowledge and choice making.

Hanging with her for a day is like being bitchslapped with the sweetest hand.

She’s fucking live or die serious. And her eyes match the intensity by which she seems to live her life.

All will be fine...But we might be scratching and flinging and snatching our weaves to the finish line.

She’s just that powerful and believes in the power to harness that in her artistry, her life, which are one in the same.

So besides that. One thing of note (of 1,000,000!) that I learned in the day I got to spend hanging with JK this go-‘round is that the 4-fold way holds much deeper discovery than my idiot brain thought possible.

#4 states:

Don’t be attached to the outcome

Like, how it ended and how you felt about it - you can't be attached to. This is how I have known it to be for the past 15 years.

But also, there's the idea of:

Detach! So you can work with it. HOW ELSE can you work with it without a bit, or a lot, of detachment?

And also this, a third way of thinking about the fourth:

Ya just can’t plan ahead. The outcome won’t be what you had planned it to be anyhow. Detach from the idea of thinking you're going to get what you wanted out of it.

There's so much fall and hurl and thrust I need to be able to tap into. And also quite a bit of detachment to an outcome that I need to embrace.