Despite what is going on in my life, every thanksgiving I am reminded I have a lot to be thankful for. It is a day to gather with friends and families. A day to indulge and allow yourself that extra bite: a holiday to enjoy company & food without the expectation of presents, and a day to remind yourself of the million little things we are blessed with each day. Basically one of my favorite days of the year. I always feel a strong sense of comfort because it is a day focused around gratitude, a word the Lovelies use a lot. We are grateful for our work together because it provides us with a sense of community, sometimes rehearsing together in a studio and other times gathered around a table discussing big dreamy plans. We are also grateful because this work allows us to practice the importance of paying attention. That may seem simple or something any average Joe should be capable of, but think of the last time you forgot something? A friend’s birthday, your apartment keys, looking where you’re walking to refrain from derailing a stranger. Usually these are minor lapses in focus or memory that don’t have much effect on you or another . But every now & then a bigger “ opps” happens that makes you feel so irresponsible and awful you don’t know how you’ve managed to function in life thus far! Every now & then though an honest human being comes around who WAS paying attention to that thing you forgot ( e.g fallen tote bag with a wallet inside). They pick it up & bring it to the bank of your debit card, who then calls you to come retrieve it. Money, cards, license and all. Had this person not been paying attention, to both a bag left unattended on the ground, and to the feeling of empathy that says “how would I feel if I lost all these important personal belongings” then I wouldn’t have been able to fly back home tonight. I am grateful for the innate goodness of this individual. I am thankful for a holiday that highlights my gratefulness and yearning to do good and pay it forward. And I am so thankful that the lovelies honor and support this idea of empathy and paying attention both in and out of the studio.