I'll take change

The Lovelies spent the weekend in Northampton, Mass, after being invited to perform at the School for Contemporary Dance & Thought.

Being out of the city is always welcome. Being in a beautiful respite of fall colors, lakes and blue skies is always welcome.

And being one of the Lovelies with the rest of the crew there as the Lovelies was a welcome change I can get used to.

Change in our country’s leadership.

Change in our views of each other, belief systems of each other.

Changing how we talk to each other.

Changing what the conversation looks like.

Changing what we accept to be ok.

Changing the face of heroism, changing what we value.

Increasingly I feel a sense of urgency attached to letting go of what has come before us - in terms of modeling what the world looks like and how we act within it.

That antiquation has a place and a value but we have to move forward and accept change with open arms.

My hope for what the Lovelies build involves the utmost respect for our predecessors. The utmost respect for each other. And the utmost respect for NOW, versus THEN. I feel the weight of the city, of admin duties, of negotiating everyone’s everything…but if it leads to tours around the world one day, places we visit and see together as a company making dances, then fighting the war has been worth it.

Leave it behind. The present is informed by all that came before.

Shed the dead skin. The body is making more.

I run in the direction of happiness, presence and light.