Have you heard of Dance Life Map?

Dance Life Map, an international dance studio and event listing website, was recently brought to our attention. From their easy to use site, you can share and search for classes, studios, or events you’d like to attend from all over the world or promote your own for free. The search filter includes options for style of dance, location, proximity to location, studio/classes vs event, and age range. The search results pop up as geo pins on an interactive world map. (see picture) Cleverly, this seems to be the main reasoning behind calling the website Dance Life Map. It’s design is functional, easy to use, and will help you promote your dance class, studio, or event with style. The website’s current audience is mostly focused in Europe, North America, and South America and is continuing to grow into Asia and Africa. While the main demographic promotes styles similar to salsa, merengue, tango, and bachata, it also features a range of other styles like ballroom, hip hop, jazz, ballet, contemporary, and modern. The function of promoting one class in a studio seems a little tricky to navigate, but I’ve heard that’s something they are looking to clear up. It currently has about 50 or so studio listings now, but I easily see Dance Life Map full of listings in the future! The Lovelies are thrilled to add our class to the line up, and look forward to seeing the site grow fuller and stronger with other fantastic companies.

The site also offers a yearly promotional package for purchase to boost your class sizes. It offers a lot that most studios/teachers wouldn’t have time or knowledge to be able to implement for a reasonable price. It includes the following:

Featured Listing Exposure: Featured badge, Prioritized placement in relevant search results and Extended visibility on related pages.

Dance Video Viral Boost: Placement of your video on our partner sites to facilitate new subscribers and shares helping your create viral video effect. You will get at least 1000 Youtube/Vimeo guaranteed views from real dance lovers from around the world. Awesome videos get a lot more!

Search Engine Optimization Boost: Personalized audit of your listing combined with our custom optimization to improve listing's chances to get to the 1st page of local Google search results.

Secondary functions of the site include promoting inspirational dance videos, a blog with a newsletter, and a running list of “31 reasons to dance” created by the owner. The link for dance videos presents them on an instagram format that features dance from all kinds of styles. The comprehensive list of reasons to dance includes things like better heart health, building relationships, improved memory, and stronger concentration. Alongside each reason has a whimsical image that illustrates the intended meaning. (see below) But don’t take my word for it, go to Dance Life Map at and see for yourself!

This article was written by Joanna Futral representing The Lovelies. For more information about The Lovelies visit