where rigor & cash overlap

It is rare in the current dance world to be paid well. To be paid as one is deserved for their efforts, attachment to the material and generosity to share it.

I also find it a rare opportunity as an improviser to do much set material. It’s even more rare to be truly interested in the material given, and be given the opportunity to play with the material publicly – while on display – and be given the chance to explore the material over hours and hours of time, in a well-paid, very public setting.

Endurance work creates the need to have that attachment, that curiosity, that investment in seeing what can be done, what needs to be done and that delight in that care.

Immediately I compare these lessons with those that improvisation has taught me - generosity, curiosity and exploration, and all with the most resolute rigor – it almost seems that I am describing improvisation instead of set material.

While The Lovelies and another 15 Lovelies-By-Extension spent a weekend spreading aloha on subway platforms, in Chelsea Market and SOHO, I couldn’t help but embrace the precious time I had with and for myself to consider all of these things.

And all while being PAID. Real money. The beauty of these blog posts is that you can see and track the birth of something, the jovial life it takes on as an infant, and the more recent posts carry the weight of growing up; experiencing growing pains.

As The Lovelies are now about 1/3 of the way through ARTSlab, an artist entrepreneurial incubator series created by Mathew Heggem and Emileena Pedigo, the growing process of the company, the self, our ideas, is growing – painfully – but in all the right directions.

So I recently had the rarest of instances in which 2 incredible arts thought-makers invite us into their incubator, all about taking our artistic ideas and making business happen with them. And I spend 20 hours over a weekend getting to enjoy the material, learn the material, be rigorous with the material, and still get my ass paid. Albeit a rarity, I’m going to figure out how to keep doing it.