The need for listening, clarity and giving voice is stronger than ever. And The Lovelies want to do something about it.

The Lovelies are now fiscally sponsored through Fractured Atlas and are plotting and planning the depths we can reach! We continue to have hope, we are getting excited about what can be done, and we invite you to continue to come with us. As you consider who you will support this Giving Tuesday, please keep The Lovelies in mind. While we continue to grow, we plan to keep doing the good work we have done, such as challenge our students and each other in class and performance, create community and open up the dialogue at Slice & Dice and look to continue our methods globally. Your gift on Giving Tuesday, November 29th will be met with one of the following, the choice is yours! -Title our next performance (we'll make a special note in the program for you, fully tax-dedcutable) -Send us your favorite clothing item, we will silkscreen our new logo on it -1 free ticket to a 2017 show -Have a rehearsal dance video made in your honor and sent to your inbox -Be our full guest at Movement in the Moment class


-A fully tax-deductible donation! We have plans to reach beyond the dance community, the arts community and out to the world. We appreciate your tax-deductible donation that will help make our vision a reality. I'M READY TO DONATE! From All of Our Hearts: Annie, Katie, Keeley, Joanna + Lena The Lovelies