KINESIS | Oct 10 @ Dusk on a Rooftop!

Kinesis is an intentional improv event designed to encourage interplay between art, movement, and sound. We encourage unusual influence upon each medium from influences outside the usual realms. After the physicality and immediacy of the performance has resolved, what remains will be drawings that tell of the pace, motion and form of the performance, like geological strata from the past. Artists are encouraged to bring sketch books, paint, cameras, and other forms of media to capture the experience, in spirit of the show. We are looking to form a pool of work to help showcase this idea and works.

The performers include Ben Campbell (visual artist), Trevor New and Casey Kreher (musicians), and The Lovelies (dance improv). There will be 3 sets | 30min apart

The first performance will begin around dusk, when the sun first begins to set (shortly after 6 or so), and we'll perform a set about a half hour after each set ends. Beer will be provided but BYOB is encouraged.

Suggested Donation of $10

We are excited to see you and yours there as we get this project off the ground! We hope to do this regularly and with future support.