Allurement Is Love

“Allurement is love, and that you must follow.”

Once you love someone or something, nothing else can get in your way. For most of my life I have lived by this sentiment in a positive light. I love to dance, I love my family and friends, I love trying new things. Recently though, things started changing more intensely and the next thing I knew I was only loving in the past. All of a sudden improvising “ in the moment” was not such an easy feat. I kept thinking, “ I don’t want to do this..I don’t want to do this..I have to do this.” The lovelies have always been my home base, but I knew I needed to wake up my soul. I knew I needed to travel. So I went to Germany.

There is something so thrilling and empowering about traveling. I am forced to be attentive to what is new and happening around me. I usually don’t plan well, and therefore have no choice but to figure things out in the moment. To live in the present and feel it in my skin; excitement, fear, sadness, hope, stillness, whatever the moment has to give, I somehow accept it more openly. Perhaps physically being somewhere new helps me mentally go into the new, the present. In this place, I find myself with no self-concernment, apologies, or regret. At Ponderosa, which is located in the beautiful country town of Stolzenhagen, I was once again reminded that life is good. I improvised my way through three weeks of dancing, camping, cooking, singing, meeting new and even an old friend. Feeling grateful and loving my temporary family who was loving and accepting me in return. Trying, failing, continuing on (when I missed a connecting flight!) napping, speaking auf Deutsch, reading, writing, laughing, so much laughing. Things many people do while on vacation, well maybe not the German speaking part, BUT the important part was they were being done in the present. I was doing them, rather than thinking about the past times I had done them or the future times where I would eventually get to them. I improvised my experience far better than I ever could have planned it and therefore have come home from Germany amazed yet again at what this work can do. Simply by trusting that our interests and intuitions alone make us creative. It's a good reminder that even the brightest starts would dissolve without allurement…

Until next time…Tschüss