Together there is Growth

The Lovelies talked after the Workroom (1) show and acknowleded the group energy that was felt during the piece. We all walked away with a similar feeling of accomplishment. We faced a blank stage head on and said no to paralyzing fear and yes to crafting new ideas. As a good friend of our's said recetly, "it's not about me." When you go out there, you cannot be more important than facilitating and supporting what is already happening. Of course, we constantly have to negotiate together what is "important" enough to support, but even when there is discourse automatically there exists the "thing that is happening." Together we are figuring out how to grow more.

Saying "thank you" isn't enough for the long list of people that continuously give us the opputunity to practice what we do in front of generous audiences and give encouraging and challenging feedback that push us forward. We're growing. Each day and maybe more on some days than others, but we're growing and we don't want to stop. We want more discussion, more feedback, more challenges, and more chances to grow.

So here's to another chance to meeting a challenge head on. We're coproducing a show with this line-up that can't be beat. Great artists in a community focused space on July 17th & 18th! Tickets HERE!