-by Lena Lauer

I’ve been working on editing in my life lately. Taking all of the gunk out is one thing. Having - - letting - - all the right stuff in is another.

I took the sugar out of my coffee a few months ago.

I wake up early to skip rush hour.

I bravely toss those beloved dance pants that can’t be worn in public any longer.

So here we are in this sugarless, empty-train, nude vacuum of tidiness.

And all I can think to do is fill it with stuff:

Let’s get everybody out to Jam that wants to come out and Jam – let’s JAMUARY.

Let’s do a show that challenges us in a new way and also invites in another artist in need of some outside eyes to bolster, push and question their work – let’s Slice & Dice.

Where I am in this year feels much like where The Lovelies are in their life (we’re about 16 months in proud Momma terms) : We work to figure it out, and then it pours forth as if the levee has broken.

As this work we do so humbly reminds me – It’s so much bigger than me and what I make; yet it’s much, much lighter than I thought. It’s the absolute crux of my world, yet it’s time to move on and not hold too dear or close. I can pitch and toss and discard all I want. I’m never going to stop doing the work that The Lovelies do.

We just did a show - Never Before, Never Again presented by Triskelion Arts – in which our Beloved Ben was racing to make it before we went on. Ben fills the space with amazing music; a unique world of distortion and loops with his electric guitar. But we had to start without him. Thus, our first show without a musician. I think we figured the void would be huge.

So we just let the levee break.

Our sound score of hums, one-liners, questions, commands and curiosities provided a newly discovered wave for us to ride. Although never before, I hope something like it happens again. And very soon.

If you are in that place of standing at the perimeter and looking at the room in front of you, empty at the moment, but full of possibility, join us. If you need to get the gunk out, join us. If you’re somewhere in between and are trying to discern what stays and goes, join us. The work will allow that clean, empty feeling, then fill to the brim when you last expected it to.