Keeley time!

Wow. Holy Cow.

It’s been just over one year since we started showing up to practice noticing what we notice. Since the last time I mulled over our musings, we had just been challenged to bust our schticks. Katherine Ferrier, one of our many mentors from The Architects, offered us some tools to notice when we were leaning on our schticks, which could possibly limit us by not allowing another option or opportunity to filter in. We had fun with this for weeks while we mimicked each others’ moves, while trying on something new for ourselves. It was like walking into someone’s closet and trying on all their clothes feeling like most of them didn’t fit, but then being pleasantly surprised when realizing that maybe we “do look cool” wearing bright red, when we normally wear all black!

Summer blared down on us and we started feeling awkward wearing red when all we wanted to do was wear black/feel good in our skin and wear our schticks loud and proud and not always say no to our patterns and inclinations. A little hesitation spread through all of us like wild fire. Too much editing and thinking was happening, and not enough feeling. Kind of like when the lover stops sending you the goofy pic texts during the day, and starts responding aggressively to your normal sarcastic banter at dinner. Dissatisfaction set in during rehearsal, which eventually lead to less commitment to our practice and to the work. We all were feeling a little off, a little abandoned, slightly irritated, really tired of not feeling joyous about the work!

That is what it’s all about, after all. The work. Making a piece of work that is compositionally sound and spatially satisfying. A work that is new, honest, authentic, not forced or premeditated. When this happens it feels joyous to move, speak, scream, or stand there steady as a wall. Like a deep, warm flow of communal energy vibrating through us like firecrackers and hot lava all at the same time. Some might say, orgasmic?

Well, never fear. It’s all happening. This last week has been jagged and smooth as butter during rehearsals. We’re back and louder and even prouder of our schticks. We’re bringing them bolder and brighter this time around more than ever before. Literally.

For the first time, this Friday at 8pm, we have full lights improvised by Andy Dickerson at Triskelion, along with both our lovely musicians, Ben Brody on guitar and Marike van Dijk on sax and very deep stage. It’s gonna rock! Come on out and see us as present as always.

Friday, Sept. 12 at Triskelion Arts at 8pm.

See us next Thurs, Sept. 18 at C.O.W. Theatre at 8:30pm