"A Tendu For Your Intention" -JK

By Annie Duffy

Much like its action, I will do my best to make it to the point. teheh

This week the Lovelies were blessed to get to work with another one of our role models from the Architects, Miss Jennifer Kayle.

After a three hour rehearsal, I think we could all say that we wish she were at every rehearsal to hold us as accountable for our intentions and work ethic. She kicked our butts, but for me she mostly reminded me of why I do this work.

The infamous issue of trying to believe, or accept what it is we do. Not only as dancers, but as friends, lovers, breathers of life.

Well for me I know most of what I do could use a lot more gusto, especially in the world of quick decisions making, eg. improvising. One thing I can tell you though, is that there are a lot of things I hope to accomplish, feel, become, and do.

So, to bring this tendu, rand de jambe, here is my weekly assignment!

Set an intention, and focus on that thing or goal until it becomes reality.

My intention is to practice believing that what I am doing is what I'm meant to be doing. To avoid trying to change it based on what I think I should be doing. This is a broad statement, so to narrow it down a bit, my intention to stop worrying and holding on so much.

Much like tendus, persevering to increase our intention's strength and stamina may feel tedious, hard, or flat out useless ( Like when you do a million tendus in class and you're still not on your leg!) BUT if this intention could really allow us to just accept whatever the present moment or movement offered, well then? I don't know. Perhaps my childlike sense of certainty and fulfillment out of my decisions could return.

My goal is that through the Lovelies dedicated process of creating movement and structures with each other in rehearsal, I will be able to trust myself and all my lovelies, and that is when the masterpiece that I've been so worried about creating will present itself!

One of my favorite JK sayings back from when I had her as a Professor ( which she quoted from Echart Tolle) is "Whatever the present moment contains, accept it as if you had chosen it. Always work with it, not against it."

I think all these intentions, believing and accepting, revolve around working with it. Whatever that "it" may be, unexpected occurrences or impulses in dance and in life.

So to bring this tendu intention to first position. "It works if you work it." Believe in that.